What is Rama-Rama?

Rama-Rama is Malaysian language for butterfly. Rama-Rama is also the finest Asian restaurant in Graubünden, offering specialties from Hong Kong-China, Malaysia and Thailand.


The restaurant values its modern Asiatic style where our guests can view traditional dresses, imported especially from China and Malaysia.
The interior color combines with natural woods, working to provide a very comfortable and entertaining environment.

The restaurant has a capacity of 80 seats, and is divided into two dining areas. Therefore it is very capable for supporting large groups.

Rama-Rama in international languages

Albania flutura




Bulgaria peperooda
China (mandarin) hu-tieh
Croatia leptir
Czech motýl
Danish sommerfugl
German Schmetterling
English butterfly
Fijian bebe (ausgesprochen mbeh-mbeh)
Philippines (Tagalog) paru-paro
Finnish perhonen
French papillon
Greek petalou`da, psyche
Dutch vlinder
Hawaiia pulelehua
Hebreew parpar
Hindi titli, thithili
Ireland (gaelic) feileacan
Indonesian kupu-kupu
Italian farfalla
Japanese choo, chou chou
Korean nahby, nabi
Lao men kabeua
Luxembourg päiperléck
Malaysia rama-rama
Nepali putali
Norwegian sommerfugl
Pakistan (urdu) titli
Polish motyl
Portuguese borboleta
Russian bábochka, babochka
Scottland (gaelic) dearbadan-de
Sri Lanka (sinhala) samanalaya
Spanish mariposa
Schwedish fjäril
Swiss german Schmätterling
Suisse Romanisch Tschitta
Taiwanese ya-a
Thai meng peeseua
Hungarian lepke, pillango, pillangok
Vietnamese buom buom, ho diep
Yiddisch schmetterling, zomerfeygele, flaterl
Zulu veveshane, uvemvane

Foto Foto

We have renovated our garden terrace! It has a roof now of which you can enjoy your food during sommer or warm weather while sitting in a quiet and natural surrounding.


What do we offer?

We offer specialties from Asia, mainly Chinese, although Malaysian and Thai specialties are available. All meals, are offered with either Plate or Platter service. All dishes can be ordered as a plate service. We pride ourselves in having the ability to accommodate your individual needs.

Our menu is rich in specialty and service. Our hors d'oeuvre Platter is highly recommended and we guarantee they will satisfy a "small appetite", but dont be surprised if you find yourself wanting more. We also offer 3 different Set-Menus which has a very good combination of most favourable dishes, for those who can`t decide what to order and of course there is a rich supply of vegetarian dishes.
We will be happy to work out a fixed menu for your larger group needs.

Those who like things spicy, we dare you to try our spicy Thai, Thom Yam Gung soup or the Thai Green curry. Afterwards You will either love us or hate us, depending on your individual tolerance to pain.

Always on the forefront of meeting customer needs, Rama-Rama is stepping into an exciting new era that offers a fresh outlook and uncompromising standards steeped in an excellent service, innovative dishes and a cool, distinctive environment.

At Rama-Rama, the great tasting Cantonese duck is grilled to crisper perfection. Rama-Rama Cantonese duck is renowned for its succulent taste and aromatic flavours

In addition, Rama-Rama also offers a wide repertoire of dishes, which include Malaysian Curry, Char Siew, Crispy beef, Hot and sour soup and the ever popular hors-d``oeuvre platter which consists 5 different specialties-best sellers in themselves!

There's no better way to capture the nostalgia of eating great Asian-Chinese food than to visit Rama-Rama in Landquart.

Where we are

We are located at the best position in Landquart less than 650 meters from the railway station at Bahnhofstrasse 42. From the highway between Zurich-Chur, exit Landquart-Davos. At the first roundabout, you will see OK Coop Gasstation and take the 2nd exit. Shortly after that you will come to the next roundabout, where you will have to take the 2nd exit as well. About 300 meters later, stay on the right, and exit to the right lane and come to the 3rd roundabout, where you have to take the 1st exit. About 150 meters later you will come to the 4th(last roundabout), and again take the 1st exit. From there onwards its only 200 meters away and you can see us on the left side.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to E-mail us(we are also online during business hours) or

call at 081 322 59 69

About the owner

The owner Kok Hoong Siew was born in 1964, Chinese, and grew up in Malaysia, a country that has strongly coined and shaped several of the Asian cultures.
Thus in the most personal way he is familiar with the specialties of the food he serves. In 1983, Siew came to Switzerland and attended Hotel Management School in Chur.
Within the training program, he completed training courses in Bündner and Zurich hotels.
In 1990, before he became a sole proprietor of a Chinese restaurant in Chur(1990 till 1997), he gained valuable experiences from chinese restaurants in Zurich.

Change the „Expensive-Image“

In 1997, Kok Hoong Siew opened The Asia Restaurant Rama Rama in Landquart. Since then, he has dedicated himself to changing the expensive image of Asian Cuisine. Asia restaurant Rama Rama offers a large selection of menus at affordable prices. In Switzerland, Asian-Chinese restaurants are usually rather expensive, the uniqueness affects the price. Siew realized, it would take the some time to diminish the expensive image, with which many Asian-Chinese restaurants have to fight.

For our guests, who do not want to spend much or who work from a very fixed budgets, Rama-Rama offers a Plate service at a low price. For lunch, Tuesday thru Thursday Siew offers at least 5 low-priced daily menus always between Chf. 10.00 and Chf. 16.50. The low price is in no way indicative of lower quality or service. You simply get more for less.

The Rama Rama has seen some success by applying the newest marketing methods. Take away is a growing trend for us. Whoever would like a meal, all you have to do is call by telephone, send an E-Mail or fax an order.
Our Take away number for telephone and fax is 004181-322 59 69 or info@rama-rama.ch We are also Online during business hours

We also have a big variety of Souveniers-gifts from Malaysia and China.